The Blue Shock Difference

Ability & attitude can determine the difference between a candidate driving success or becoming a liability. Blue Shock utilizes industry-leading talent measurement systems & processes to ensure true fit and compatibility.

Understanding of Your Business

Blue Shock starts every search with a comprehensive understanding of business needs and other key components such as culture, expectations and measurements of success. Armed with this information, we are able to ensure candidates meet the critical criteria for success in the role.

In-Depth Interview

Blue Shock conducts a comprehensive interview with potential candidates, evaluating their suitability for the role along the factors of previous experience, leadership philosophies, motivation, educational requirements, communication abilities and technical skills. Only candidates who meet or exceed expectations in these areas are presented as potential candidates to our clients. 


Once our interview is completed with a successful candidate we document the details into our customized profile template. Each profile summarizes the candidate’s relevant experience, technical knowledge and abilities, strengths, leadership abilities, communication skills, personal history, motivations, career achievements and future goals.  This detailed information along with the candidate resume is what is presented to our clients for further evolution and to gain client interest, in many cases this information will answer the typical questions asked in a first and second interview.


Every candidate undergoes a detailed reference process. Blue Shock typically speaks with a candidate’s former direct supervisor as well as an individual or individuals who have reported to the candidate as well as former coworkers for a comprehensive 360 degree portrait of the individual’s leadership skills.  We may also conduct several “Silent References” provide further insight into a candidate’s work ethic, leadership abilities and personal background. The candidate is always aware of these background checks and we never breach confidentiality. 


Blue Shock stands behind its candidates with guarantees ensuring a successful match of candidate and client. Our proven process enables us to achieve a greater fit and consistently meet both client and candidate expectations. If a Blue Shock hire leaves the client’s employment within the guarantee period, however, Blue Shock will replace the candidate following the terms outlined in the client business agreement.